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Blow Bob - Interracial
  • Blow Bob - Interracial
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Price: $29.95 USD
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Added:  09/07/2008

Blow Bob - Interracial
This is a collection of the best interracial cock sucking clips of Blow Bob.

Scene #1 - Big Tit Lita:

Lita has big lips too, and gives deep and sloppy head in this scene.
Scene #2 - Tina Goes Down: Tina had given me head just thirty minutes earlier for the scene "Bi BBW Babes Blow Bob" and she didn't have any problem getting another load of cum out of me.
Scene #3 - Black Barbie Blows: Tall, tight and big tits! Barbie is on her knees going down on cock.
Scene #4 - Double D Dede Dede really loves giving head, and in this scene she gets it hard and deep,.. and swallows cum!
Scene #5 - Mary's Cloe-up Head: Monster tit Mary is up-close swallowing cock in this scene.
Scene #6 - Skull Drilled Tina: Tina really shows-off her deep throat talents. She is absolutely amazing in this scene!
Scene #7 - Destiny Does Deep: The ebony diva that swallows it all! Watcher her grab hold and go down!
Scene #8 - Titillating Tina montage: This scene is a montage of 46DD Titillating Tina's blow jobs. She takes on two in one of the clips.
Scene #9 - Bi BBW Babes Blow Bob: Two Bi BWW black babes do deep throat in this ad hoc scene.
Scene #10 - Deep Throat Delilah: Delilah lets me drill her head and then dump a load of cum in her mouth.
Scene #11 - Taylor Gives Head: Tiny tits Taylor works it hard and gets a facial.

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Blow Bob - White Chicks
  • Blow Bob - White Chicks
  • Length: 80 minutes
  • Price: $28.95 USD
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Category:  BLOW JOBS

Added:  09/20/2008

Blow Bob - White Chicks
This is a collection of the best "white chicks" clips of Blow Bob. Mature moms, swingers, wives and girlfriends, and they all love giving head.

Scene #1 - Natalia Nailed:

Natalia gets a helping hand from her girlfriend as she gives head.
Scene #2 - Lizz Spermed: Lizz sucks Dr. Mike's cock and he shoots a wad on her face and tits.
Scene #3 - Nina Gives Head: Big tit Miami, Latina amateur housewife demonstrate her oral talents and takes a load of cum on her face. She is handcuffed too!.
Scene #4 - Frankie Does Deep & Sloppy: Cougar mom Frankie is sucking cock and spits a flying everywhere. She takes it deep too!
Scene #5 - Joey's First Time: Joey has a big butt and a cute face, but she can't give head to save her life. I dumped a load on her face and sent her packing.
Scene #6 - Nikky Goes Down: Nikky sucks my cock and boy did she really know how to use her tongue, and mouth. I blew a huge load on her face in this scene.
Scene #7 - Mother Susan: Susan is a swinger that I have known for many years. She blew me and I dumped my load in down her throat, so there is no big cum shot here, but, she enjoys giving head and it shows.
Scene #8 - Melanie Hotlips Gives Head: The spicy Latina mom, Melanie , gives head and takes a load all over her face.
Scene #9 - Down Under Heidi: Heidi and her husband came by one night and I skull drilled her sweet face and dumped a load of sperm down her throat as her husband watched.
Scene #10 - Milf Karen Drilled: Karen does some really hot deep throat in all my favorite positions, including a 69 head drilling!
Scene #11 - Blonde Double Header: I get my dick sucked by Shannon and Lizz, two hot blondes.
Scene #12 - Mother Joanne: Joanne sucked, licked and swallowed my cock for over an hour and I shot my load all over her face.

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Swinger Mom Susan
  • Swinger Mom Susan
  • Length: 80 minutes
  • Price: $28.95 USD
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Added:  11/01/2008

Swinger Mom Susan
As seen at, this is the first of a series of DVD's with the best of mother Susan's erotic sexual encounters. The buxom, uninhibited swinger mom that shares her debauchery and hedonistic lifestyle with all.

Scene #1 - Boa:

Susan is naked in her satin sheets and oils her tits and clit. She four fingers her pussy and does deep dildo with her double headed toy.
Scene #2 - Threesome: Swinger mom Susan, invites her neighbor friend, Janey, and her husband over for some threesome fun. After a dip in the pool they end up Susan's bed. Things get going with Susan finger and licking Janey's clit and then they are joined by Janey's hubby. He gets some deep head from both and then he takes turns banging these two hot babes every which way. Susan is screaming out the number of orgasms she has as she cums over and over again
Scene #3 - Clit Prisoner: Susan, her friend Karen and a male swinger friend play cops and robbers. Karen and Susan are bobbing between each other's legs sharing a night stick, and then, are bobbing up and down on their male friend's 10" cock. In the end, Karen gets spread eagled and drilled with Susan giving a helping hand.
Scene #4 - Pool Guy: Susan lures the black pool guy into her bedroom. She gets him on the bed and gives him some really deep head. Then she straddles his big black cock and fucks him real good! Next, she lays on her back and he spreads her legs and drives his cock into her dripping wet pussy. He pumps her hard and deep and then shoots his massive load all over her tummy and tits. He squeezes the last drop of cum on to her hard nipple.
Scene #5 - Double Cocked: Swinger mom Susan takes on two cocks! She starts off titty fucking and blowing the first cock. Then she gets on her hands and kness and takes it doggy style. The second cock comes in, and she starts blowing him while she is getting a hard banging from behind. She finally gets a deep drilling and a load blown on her clit and tummy in the end.
Scene #6 - Sultry Sluts: Susan and her friend Lizz are in bed and things are getting hot! Lizz starts sucking on Susan's big tits and then grabs a big toy and starts fucking Susan's already wet pussy. Lizz gives Susan's clit a tongue lashing as she fills her cunt with the dildo. Susan now wants to please Lizz and gives back what she received. Deep dildo and a clit licking!
Scene #7 - Head: Susan gives head every which way in the scene. You can really tell that she loves sucking cock!

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Blow Bob Interracial, Again
  • Blow Bob Interracial, Again
  • Length: 80 minutes
  • Price: $28.95 USD
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Added:  02/01/2009

Blow Bob Interracial, Again
This is the second DVD collection of the best interracial cock sucking clips of Blow Bob.

Scene #1 - Blue Sheer Blow:

Bra Buster Baby, Perisa, does some deep and sloppy head and she takes a load in her mouth and on those huge 38DDD tits of hers.
Scene #2 - Silver Sucker: In this scene, Monster Tit Mary, is ready for business and gives some good head and a helping hand.
Scene #3 - Phoenix's First Time: Petite newbie, Phoenix, is looking to get into the business. She said she could give good head. She did and got a facial for her efforts.
Scene #4 - Taste of Champagne Champagne is a swinger and loves sex. She spent the night, and what a night, ...and a next morning. Cock sucking, meaty pussy play, hand job. I was drained after a night with Champagne.
Scene #5 - Double Blow: Melanie Hotlips and Monster Tit Mary join forces in a cock sucking threesome. They both take turns giving head and offering each other a helping hand. Mary gets the prize! A titty sperm bath.
Scene #6 - Timeka's Handcuffed Head: The college co-ed, Timeka, is a deep throat queen. Her hands are cuffed and her only resource is her oral talents. Not a problem! She swallows cock, and cum,.... and loves it.
Scene #7 - Timeka's Deep Sloppy: Timeka was looking cute in her tony hairdo and I wanted some head. She went down on me on the couch, and then I had her knell in front of me and skull drilled her sweet face.
Scene #8 - Bra Buster Blow: Perisa, the big tit bra buster shows off her oral talents. This was the first shoot with her and she was amazing. She swallows cock and cum!
Scene #9 - Tattooed Tammy: Tammy is a tattooed babe that I shot several years ago. She wasn't a beauty but she gave really good head.

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Hand Job Moms
  • Hand Job Moms
  • Length: 80 minutes
  • Price: $28.95 USD
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Category:  HANDJOBS

Added:  04/25/2009

Hand Job Moms
This is the first in a DVD collection of the best hand job clips of Hand Job Moms..

Scene #1 - Formally Mary:

Mary is working on a video for You-Tube flaunting her monster tits for all her fans. The camera mans needs a hand job and Mary is more than willing to oblige.
Scene #2 - Shannon's Hand Job Interview: Shannon, the big tit blonde answers questions about her sexual experiences and preferences and gets our interviewer to shoot a load.
Scene #3 - Hotlips Deep Vee Yank: Hotlips is ready for an evening out at the club, dressed in her very hot, deep vee pants suit. Crank is rock hard, with a case of sperm build-up and needs some relief. Melanie takes a load off for him.
Scene #4 - Taylor Tug: Tiny tits Taylor, is one hot ebony mama that loves white cock and cranking out cream. She pumps and yanks until there ain't no more!
Scene #5 - Finger Lick'n Good: Hotlips is pumping cock with one hand and fingering her meaty pussy lips and clit with the other hand. After having her own orgasm, she yanks crank until she gets her big tits and face covered in a load of cum.
Scene #6 - Smok'n Blow Champagne: Champagne has a huge set of 42DDD boobs, and in her own words she loves the "feel of a throbbing cock in her hands". In the clip she is puffing on a cigarette while she is playing with her cockold. She continues pumping until she gets what she wants. Her massive fun bags covered in creamy cum.
Scene #7 - Blonde Fun Bag Yank: This big tit blonde Shannon, with huge nipples, is laying on the couch fondling and licking her tits. She decides she wants to play with some cock and crawls on her hands and knees to the photographer and pulls of his underwear. She pumps his cock with her tits, and then with her hands, and he shoots a load on her huge, hard nipple.
Scene #8 - Toga Tug: Red hot monster tit Mary is doing what she likes best, yanking another cock. She lubes up Crank, and her massive 46H tits, and she is giving them both a workout. As a former phone sex operator, she has no problem getting what she wants.
Scene #9 - Prego Yank II: The pregnant mom is back and this time she laying on the couch bored as . She yanks cock until he shoots a load on her tits. Short and sweet!
Scene #10 - Bra Buster Tug: Perisa, the ebony mom with the 38DD boobs is on her back tugging white cock. She wants her her huge hard nipples covered in creamy white sperm, and that is what she gets.
Scene 11 - Lillian Luxe: The cougar style mom and siren, Lillian Luxe, wants a sperm bath. A little titty fuck and nipple tease always makes it interesting. Lillian gets a face full of sperm and she gets it and squeezes out every drop.
Scene #12 - Lusty Lizz Tug: In this scene Lusty Lizz gets on her kness and starts yanking with one hand and then she grabs on with both hands. Playing with his balls and pumping his cock, he gives her a wet and warm facial.

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Melanie Hotlips - Latin Spice
  • Melanie Hotlips - Latin Spice
  • Length: 70 minutes
  • Price: $27.95 USD
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Category:  MILF

Added:  10/04/2008

Melanie Hotlips - Latin Spice
Melanie Hotlips is the uninhibited, voluptuous, mature mom, and spicy, squirting Latina. She has a set of 36D tits, a big booty and large pierced, labia lips. The nipples on her boobs are pierced too! This is a collection of some of her hottest scenes fucking, sucking, yanking cock, squirting,... and her favorite,.... facials.

Scene #1 - Hotlips Tug:

Melanie comes up stairs to yank cock.
Scene #2 - Hotlips Fuck: Melanie blows Dr. Mike and gets fucked.
Scene #3 - Hotlips Gives Head: Melanie is naked and going down on cock and swallows a load of sperm in the end.
Scene #4 - Old Tug & Squirt: Hotlips oils her tits, pussy and her cockold. She fingers clit and squirts while yanking cock.
Scene #5 - Healing Hands: Nurse Melanie helps her patient relieve his sperm build-up.
Scene #6 - Wet Head: Hotlips showers and then gives deep head and takes a mouth full of sperm.
Scene #7 - Black Titty Squirt: Hotlips screams with pleasure as Mary licks Melanie's meaty labia. Then Hotlips fingers clit and squirts her juices all over Mary's monster tits.
Scene #8 - Deep Vee Yank: Melanie is dressed for an evening out but decides she was to yank cock first. She gets a creamy facial for her handy work.
Scene #9 - Chained Heat: Hotlips is handcuffed and her tits are chained as she gets skull drilled and a load dumped on her face.
Scene #10 - Double Header: Mary and Melanie share a cook, both taking turns giving head. Hotlips gets the load of sperm as Mary gives a helping hand.
Scene #11 - Masked Head: Hotlips is handcuffed and masked giving head. She takes a load in her mouth and lets it drip down her face and on her tits.
Scene #12 - Veggie: Melanie loves her cucumber. See how!

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Shannon Collection
  • Shannon Collection
  • Length: 60 minutes
  • Price: $26.95 USD
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Category:  BLOW JOBS

Added:  09/05/2008

Shannon Collection
The big tit, bubbly blonde, Shannon, does it all! Humping, sucking and pumping.

Scene #1 - Blonde Fun Bag Yank:

Shannon the big tit blonde, with huge nipples, yanks cock and gets a titty fuck too.
Scene #2 - Big Tit Nailed Hanger Yank: Shannon, is back with long, styled and manicured nails yanking crank, close-up in this scene.
Scene #3 - Shannon Gives Head: Shannon's first skull drilling deep throat.
Scene #4 - Shannon's Handcuffed BJ: Big tit blonde, Shannon, is back giving deep head, but, in this scene, she is handcuffed with her hands behind her and can only use her mouth and tongue.
Scene #5 - Handjob Interview: Giving a cock tug, Shannon answers personal sexual questions.
Scene #6 - Shannon Skull Drilled: Shannon, gets a skull drilled knelling, laying on her back and doing 69 on top and on the bottom.
Scene #7 - Smok'n Blow Shannon: Big tit Shanon loves puffing on a cigarette while she gives head.
Scene #8 - Stranger Yank: Our big tit blonde has found herself some strange cock. As she chats with our camera man, she yanks this stranger's cock until he cums on her massive tits and huge nipples.
Scene #9 - Boy Toy: Shannon brings home a Latin boy toy stud to play with. Their are sucking, humping, bumping and cumming in this scene.
Scene #10 - Shannon Blows Black: Shannon is an expert at deep throat, and she swallows all of this young black stud's huge cock.
Scene #11 - Handy Tits: Shannon gets her tits man handled.

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Timeka Taylor - Cock Tales
  • Timeka Taylor - Cock Tales
  • Length: 60 minutes
  • Price: $26.95 USD
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Category:  BLOW JOBS

Added:  12/20/2011

Timeka Taylor - Cock Tales
This is the ebony coed, Timeka Taylor's first DVD. All shot in HD.

Scene #1 - P.O.V. Blow:

Timeka came by to do a photo shoot. After the shoot, I wanted to try my new HD video camera and she sucked my cock P.O.V. style. It has been about six weeks since Timeka has been by to give me head, but she never looses the ability to perform the best blow jobs I have ever had. Thumbs up to Timeka for another amazing cock sucking session.
Scene #2 - Up the Ass: Timeka, the college coed, is chatting with me before we do the shoot about some of her experiences as an escort. As we are talking she tells me she is now doing anal and describes the experiences. She starts giving me head and I ask if she would let me fuck her in the ass. She agreed. After some great deep throat I stuck my dick in her big ass booty and fucked her ass. No cum shot here! I dumped my load in her ass.
Scene #3 - Coed Cock Sucker: Timeka, the big tit ebony coed is back for more. She is working two jobs, going to college to be a nurse, and she still takes time from her extremely busy schedule to give me head. Something she really enjoys. Timeka deep throats my cock and then slurps up my cum. Savoring every drop.
Scene #4 - Double Black Blow: There is nothing better in life that having two, big tit ebony babes suck your cock. Especially if they can both do deep throat. Timeka Taylor and Jamie Sax, both with amazing deep throat talents, do a double header on my dick. Both are absolutely amazing and they love sucking white cock. They take turns giving head until I shoot a load in Timeka's mouth and then she drips the cum on Jamie's huge tits, licking and playing with Jamie's sperm covered massive boobs.
Scene #5 - Black Blond Head: Timeka Taylor tells me she has a blonde wig, and I figured it would be cool to do a shoot and have a black ebony beauty, as a blonde, giving head. She sucks cock, does deep throat, and swallows cum. Timeka drips the cum from her mouth, on to her big natural tits, and then,... she continues sucking my cock. Timeka is an amazing head giver, and she loves doing it!
Scene #6 - Oral Pleasures: Timeka is wearing her sexy new outfit, strutting around, and flaunting her big natural tits. Looking at those huge tits of hers gave me an immediate boner. Time for some relief! I ask her to blow me and she proceeded to strip my pants off and perform her deep throat action on my hard cock. In the middle of the blow job I ask her how she got so good, and why she likes giving head so much. What till you hear what she had to say.
Scene #7 - Timeka's Threesome: Timeka invited a friend over to do a shoot which was just suppose to be with this black male friend. Things got a little heated and he started off giving this guy deep throat. He was really into fucking so she got on all fours so he could fuck her dogie style. I could not resist getting involved and stuck my dick in her face. She had a white cock in her mouth and black cock in her pussy getting pumped from both ends.
Scene #8 - Screen Shots: This is a series of screen shots from the all the scenes in the DVD.
Scene #9 - Photo Album: A collection of some of Timeka Taylor's favorite photos from various photo shoots.

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