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Allturnativ Entertainment was founded in late 1993 when I was 21 years old. I have well over 16,000 titles on video and DVD. The films consist of amateur xxx films, extreme productions from overseas and even a number of my own releases. This store will carry a wide variety of the many different items I have to offer.
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5th Hole Shot - Pro-Am, Cindy Sin, Mark Ashley!
  • 5th Hole Shot - Pro-Am, Cindy Sin, Mark Ashley!
  • Length: 85 minutes
  • Price: $22.00 USD
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Category:  PETITE

Added:  12/15/2007

5th Hole Shot - Pro-Am, Cindy Sin, Mark Ashley!

The 5th Hole Shot - Cindy Sin, Mark Ashley, Petite, Deep Anal, Facial!!!

Approx. 90 Min. Professionally produced DVD utilizing amateur Cindy Sin and Adult film star Mark Ashley!

Shot in the last few years in Canada and previously only available on Cindy Sin's Website for $40! I am the only current authorized distributor in the U.S.

Additional pictures available for this film, just Email me!

Cindysinx "The Princess of Petites" and adult film star Mark Ashley and his monster 12 inch cock do it all in this full length feature DVD including cock sucking, fucking, deep anal penetration and a monster facial for the finale.

You won't believe she can take his whole huge 12" cock all the way inside her tiny little ass! Wait until you see this hot hardcore classic!

Picture Quality is excellent, DVD quality. Free Shipping on this and all my DVD's. Email me at for pictures.

Midwest Amateurs 3 Film Fuck Pack!
  • Midwest Amateurs 3 Film Fuck Pack!
  • Length: 184 minutes
  • Price: $20.00 USD
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Category:  AMATEUR

Added:  12/09/2007

Midwest Amateurs 3 Film Fuck Pack!

All Three of our Midwest Amateurs DVD's for one reduced price with free shipping.

Titles Include: 1. Midwest Amateurs Vs. Cameraman 1

2. Midwest Amateurs Vs. Cameraman 2

3. Three Midwest Girls(Sluts) Fuck!

Check out the individual listing for each title to get the full lowdown.

This three film package features all of the footage that I have released of Marianne (24 Y/O nasty Sheboygan, WI MILF) and Nicole (Smalltown 19 Y/O shy, virginal Co-Ed, Waucousta, WI) that is available. Both girls are retired and will probably never shoot porn again.

Cummy face picture: 24 Y/O Marianne

Red dress on White Rug - UW-Oshkosh Co-Ed Picture 19Y/O Nicole

This hot 3 DVD pack contains just over 3 hours of a great assortment of steamy amateur footage, including: a lot of Point of View shots, no less than 5 oral/facial cumshots, an internal cumshot, other cumshots, lots of nasty sex positions, and graphic close-up penetration shots.

More pictures available, just Email me at

Free shipping on this 3 film package deal.

69 Park Avenue, 1985, Little Oral Annie, Erica Boyer
  • 69 Park Avenue, 1985, Little Oral Annie, Erica Boyer
  • Length: 80 minutes
  • Price: $16.00 USD
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Added:  12/29/2007

69 Park Avenue, 1985, Little Oral Annie, Erica Boyer

69 Park Avenue, 1985, New Gourmet DVD Re-Release.

Starring :  Little Oral Annie     Erica Boyer    Colleen Brennan    Patti Petite    Collette Roberts

Tom Byron stars in this raucous romp from 1985, playing a cub reporter out to nab his first scoop. 

His assignment is to uncover the dirt on an old Victorian house that’s been turned into the city’s liveliest brothel.  The madam of the house is Colleen Brennan, a buxom beauty who regales tom with tantalizing tales of what’s gone on within the house’s walls. 

We watch her torrid tales come to life as one lascivious lust bunny after another gets down and dirty with her clients, each one more sexually explosive than the last.

  Filled with the top-heavy charms of naturally busty babes Liitle Oral Annie, Erica Boyer and Patti Petite, 69 PARK AVENUE is one address that you’ll find yourself visiting again and again.




Additional pictures available for this film, just Email me

Picture Quality: Shot on Video.

I can provide additional pics upon request.

Adventures Of Marilyn Ohno, Plugged And Leaky!
  • Adventures Of Marilyn Ohno, Plugged And Leaky!
  • Length: 67 minutes
  • Price: $16.00 USD
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Added:  11/23/2007

Adventures Of Marilyn Ohno, Plugged And Leaky!

The Adventures of Marilyn Ohno (Plugged and Leaky), 1996, Approx. 67 Min.

Classic Glitz Video title now new on Blue Demon Movies DVD!  Also Stars: Denni O.,  Bob Onit, Joe Stud, Mask Man, David Ball, Ebony Rod, Brewster. 

Marilyns's  a sexy Over 40 Blonde who's happiest when she has a hard rod (or 4 in one sitting) and a butt plug in her butt!

 10+ Additional pictures available for this film, just Email me.

This one has only 3 scenes but the first is about 42 Min. long!  Marilyn and her friend Denni O. interrupt a poker game and 3 studs plus one who joins a short time later poke her instead.  Denni O. mainly fluffs them up but does take on one or two studs for a little while.  Mostly internal endings.  Please NOTE: there is a manufacturer's defect/glitch on all copies of this title that was just discovered.  It lasts from about the 35 1/2 min. point to about the 40 Min. point in the first scene.  I don't know when/if they will have it fixed.  
2nd scene Marilyn takes a shower and later plays with herself on the bed with some toys and a butt plug.  This is a shorter kind of choppy camerawork scene.  There is one kind of funny part in the shower where apparently the camera was dropped or the cameraman got too close to the shower and all ofa sudden, water is pounding down on the lens!

3rd scene Marilyn and a white and black stud have some fun with each other and Marilyn's butt plug outside on a back porch to round out the DVD.

Please note, the box talks about tons of D.P.'s but I didn't see any unless they want to count the butt plug in one scene.

Interesting Trivia: Marilyn Ohno is only credited with one other film Seven(ty) Year Bitch which I also carry. She was over 40 when she made both of them for Glitz in 1996 and disappeared from porn. Denni O. appeared on the porn scene about the same time. She is in the first scene mostly as a fluffer for Marilyn while she's servicing studs. She went on to appear in over 100 features including her own series named after her which ran to volume 53.

Picture Quality: Shot on video, O.K./Good overall.


More pictures available, just email me at

Midwest Amateurs Vs. Cameraman 1
  • Midwest Amateurs Vs. Cameraman 1
  • Length: 57 minutes
  • Price: $16.00 USD
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Category:  AMATEUR

Added:  06/09/2007

Midwest Amateurs Vs. Cameraman 1

This is an original production from my entertainment company utilizing local amateur talent!

Great amateur DVD with plenty of action in roughly 5 different scenes plus bonus footage.

Two 1st Timer Girls from Wisconsin are featured getting very down and dirty with me in Four main scenes featuring plenty of nasty, filthy close-ups and positions, and a couple have messy oral or facial action at the end of the scenes!

Both girls are from Wisconsin, Nicole is a shy UW-Oshkosh Girl from Fond Du Lac, and Marianne is a filthy MILF from Sheboygan.

Scene Breakdown:

Scene 1: Marianne is in a tease type of scene giving me a blowjob after being upset about something else. This ends up going into me giving her a pretty hard 4 fingers or so while she is doggie style. Then I get sme nasty close-up footage of her sitting on my dick and riding a bit. 10.5 Min.

Scene 2: Marianne and I are in Las Vegas there is some footage of the motel before our scene. Then we go right into me plowing her slowly from behind while she's bent forward over the bed. Eventually we go to her blowing me in different positions while I finger her pussy. She ends up kneeling before me and I unload everything in her mouth which she swallows right down like a good whore!

Scene 3: Fetish scene with Marianne in the shower just a minute or so. Bonus CES footage from a late 90's show with Nina Hartley and Stephanie Swift.

Scene 4 Funny Short scene with an Asian girl from Sheboygan.

Scene 5 and 6 Nicole was a hot small blond, but very shy 19Y/O UW-Oshkosh Girl formerly from Fond Du Lac with great perky perfect-sized t.ts and a bigger ass. She was at one time a close friend of my brother's wife!

When I asked Nicole to shoot some porn, even though she was very shy, I surpisingly got her to shoot. She never even watched much porn before. We shot 8 scenes (sometimes two in a night) over a number of months between her full-time work and full-time school schedule.

Nicole has a sort of creampie scene and she later in scene 6 also takes an awesome first time facial for us! Again, nobody had ever cum all over her face until I did on camera!!! She didn't think much of it and complained because some got in her eye! Awww poor dumb whore!!!

The entire scene that has the creampie is about 20 Min. (we did another 6 minute scene that same night after taking a break, it's right behind this scene) but at the end for approx. 5-7 min. the camera is sitting just a couple feet from her p.ssy and as.hole. She's on her back and I'm on top. There's music playing, I'm pumping away on top, she's moaning at times over the music.

Finally, I couldn't hold back anymore and let my load go. This was our first scene and since she was so shy and I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to tape more with her, I didn't say anything and kept pumping for a few more minutes.

While I'm still pumping, you can plainly see her pussy is white cream down to her as.hole and my is white coated also. Since I didn't stop though, I end up pushing all the c.m and etc. back deep in her hole. When I finally pull out and pick up the camera to try and tape it, it's all gone! just under 20 Min.

Scene 6: I'm pumping away at Nicole on the floor of her rented house again. I put one of her legs up and ream this shy, naive, country girl out and get some nasty penetration shots. Finally, I pull my dick out of this thoroughly college girl and have her sit up to continue to suck me off so I can drop a nasty load over her virgin face. Nobody dropped a load on her face until I caught the deed on camera for this shorter but great scene! 6 Min.

Both of these girls never f.cked on camera before they each did a number of scenes for my company and both of these girls probably never will make porn again!!

. RARE! Check out our other two local amateur talent productions - Midwest Amateurs on DVD 2 and Three Midwest Amateurs Fuck!

DVD runs 56 Min. and picture quality is Very Good overall for amateur.

Three Midwest Sluts Fuck!
  • Three Midwest Sluts Fuck!
  • Length: 65 minutes
  • Price: $16.00 USD
  • Add To Cart Buy Now

Category:  AMATEUR

Added:  08/04/2007

Three Midwest Sluts Fuck!

Three Midwest sluts fuck in this one!

We first start out with a heavier girl named Tina from Michigan. She starts out by blowing her boyfriend. The two are naked on the bed already as the video begins.

She then climbs on top of her boyfriend's cock and rides him for some time. The camera angle is from the side the entire scene, but most of the action can be seen.

At a certain point the action gets a little kinky as her boyfriend grabs a belt laying on the bed and slaps her with it a few times.

We then cut to Nicole from our other films in a short tease type of scene. She blows the cameraman for a while by chance to the tune of a John Valby joke song about sucking dick.

Nicole then gets on the couch and is fucked for a couple minutes by the cameraman.

We then cut to Cassie and her boyfriend ready to have sex. Cassie is a hot 20-something with peirced tits and bellybutton. She is pretty slender and very fuckable also. Cassie just has her underwear on and her boyfriend pulls her underwear to the side and starts playing with/fingering her pussy a bit and eating it.

They start to fuck and go at it in a number of positions for this scene which is a bit longer. She is on top, on the side and they are twisted together for an interesting position.

Nicole then puts in another scene for us. We start the scene and she has her fat ass towards us riding dick yet again. This nice and nasty scene lasts for awhile then she lays on her back on the couch and gets dick drilled into her cunt even harder and nastier. The actor also spreads her cunt apart for some nice open pussy shots.

As the cameraman reams this dumb cunt, she says “yes” a number of times and there is plenty of close-up penetration and some nasty dick slapping in pussy sounds. Our cameraman pulls out and lets some cum on her side to end the scene.

Cassie then finishes out the video with another longer scene and some supplementary scenes with her boyfriend. It starts out with Cassie’s boyfriend fingering her again.

Soon he is once again fucking her every which way: missionary, doggie, from the side, back, and more. Cassie really seems into it as well as her boyfriend, so they end up making a pretty good scene. There are a couple minutes of extras at the end I will leave as a surprise.

Overall a nice volume of more nasty amateur footage. The only thing lacking in this volume compared to some of our others is cum shots - there are only one or two. The action is pretty good throughout though and this volume features three girls. Two, I believe are somewhat new to being dumb whores on the internet! Nicole is very shy and has never done any other filming except for my 3 DVD productions. She is in our other volumes.

65 Min. Amateur film, O.K. Good picture quality.

I can send additional pictures of this film, just Email me at

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL OF OUR FILMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abondanza, Big Mamma Jamma, 70-80's Classic Loops!
  • Abondanza, Big Mamma Jamma, 70-80's Classic Loops!
  • Length: 74 minutes
  • Price: $16.00 USD
  • Add To Cart Buy Now

Category:  BBW

Added:  12/22/2007

Abondanza, Big Mamma Jamma, 70-80's Classic Loops!

Abondanza, 70's or Early 80's loops, Approx. 74 Min. Classic 8mm BBW loop titles collected by Visual Replications and new on Gourmet Video Collection DVD! No stars are credited on the box but Mama Jama (AKA Big Mama Jama) and Molly are in the film.

Abondanza is Italian for plenty and the girls in this DVD not only show you plenty, they deliver more than plenty! Each luscious beauty is guaranteed to tip the scale right over! Scene after scene of women who need as much satisfaction as their anemic sisters! Bon Appetit.

10+ additional pictures available. Just Email me. This entire film is a classic collection of big girls all apparently from 8mm loops. The first loop is called "Big Mama's Little Secret" and stars Molly? with an unknown skinny blonde. This is a Girl/Girl loop. Molly? pours them both a drink, they relax, unwind and start eating each other's pink! 69 even! Sound is background audio.

The next loop is "Mama Jama's Samwich" with Big Mama Jama and two black studs. Mama Jama takes on both of them as they try to sandwich her in the middle wth no success. No audio track.

"Change Your Man" is loop 3 - bizarre loop with Molly? again and a smaller guy in a baby outfit and crib. Molly changes his undergarments and then changes his oil also with her body and mouth. Has background sound for audio.

"Single Mama Jama" is loop 4 - Solo Mama jama posing, playing with her boobs and dangling them over a chair, etc. Once again, no audio track.

Loop 5 is "Picture this" with an unknown black girl and white guy. He is a photographer and takes pictures of the Black BBW who soon decides to shed her clothes and have him do the same for an x-rated photo shoot! Dubbed in audio track.

Loop 6 is "Mama Makes Mary" Mama Jama and a thin Brunette have a lesbo session after getting out of their lingerie. 69 action even. Girl/Girl Loop.

Loop 7 is "The Sergeant's Surprise" Mama Jama makes the sergeant stand at attention and do his duty and for her efforts she gets a messy oral ending to end the loop.

Loop 8 is "And Mama Jama Makes Three" A white couple has Mama Jama join them in a 3-way complete with lesbian action. After the white stud has his way with his white girl, he unloads a messy ending on Mama Jama's face to round out the DVD.

Picture Quality: Shot on Film, Excellent quality for these old loops!

Free Shipping on this DVD! Email me at for more pics!

Midwest Amateurs Vs. Cameraman 2
  • Midwest Amateurs Vs. Cameraman 2
  • Length: 62 minutes
  • Price: $16.00 USD
  • Add To Cart Buy Now

Category:  AMATEUR

Added:  12/02/2007

Midwest Amateurs Vs. Cameraman 2

Midwest Amateurs Vs. Cameraman 2!, 2005 release.

Amateur production using local amateur talent from Wisconsin! Approx. 62 Min.

Additional pictures available for this film, just Email me.

Great amateur DVD with plenty of action in roughly 8 fast and furious scenes 

Two Midwest sluts fuck in this one!


Two 2nd Timer Girls from Wisconsin are featured getting very down and dirty with the lucky male cameraman who makes sure to get as many nasty positions, great amateur cumshots, and close-up penetration shots as possible crammed into this volume. 

These are the same girls in our Midwest Amateurs Vs. Cameraman 1 DVD, Nicole (left pic) is a college Co-ed who went to UW Oshkosh and lived in Fond Du Lac and the other, Marianne (Right Pic), was a hot MILF from the Sheboygan area.

The unusual thing about Nicole is that she was a very shy small country girl (hometown: Waucousta, WI) who had only had sex with me before doing 6 XXX scenes for me between full-time school and full-time work. You can even see her school books and napsack on the floor when she starts her second scene sucking cock and later again in her 3rd scene. Knowing her hardworking character, I have no doubt she probably went back to studying on the same couch that night, right after we shot these nasty sex scenes on it at her place!

She liked filming about 3 or 4 of the scenes (as evidenced by her moans and real orgasms) but didn't like the others as much and even cut one scene way short. She never even watched much of the footage we shot, just complained it was too "graphic" for her liking and turned it over to me. She will probably never be in porn again. Since there are only about 20-50 people in Waucousta, WI, Nicole probably holds the dubious honors of being the only porn slut from that town for now.

This one is pretty fast and furious with 8 roughly 8 minute scenes the action never gets boring, great nasty close-ups,  messy facial cum at the end of 3 scenes, an internal creampie and more!

The girls each have 4 scenes each.

DVD runs 63 Min. and is in Good condition for amateur.

Both Lovely girls in the two pics are in this DVD.  

I can send additional pictures of this film, just Email me at  




RARE! Check out our other two local amateur talent productions - Midwest Amateurs Vs. Cameraman 1 & Three Midwest Amateurs Fuck!

More pictures available from this film, just Email me at


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