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Hands On Orgasms 7
  • Hands On Orgasms 7
  • Length: 113 minutes
  • Price: $39.99 USD
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Added:  02/08/2010

Hands On Orgasms 7

These women LIKE it when someone else gets them off – and it’s quite obvious how much they like it when you see their wet, pulsating pussy orgasms for yourself! This DVD features 10 women having 16 orgasms at (on) the hands of our videographer. Some guys have really dirty jobs :-)

The first hands-on scene is with the gorgeous red-head Holly Kiss. She is lying with her head propped on pillows on the bed. One knee is bent as he begins to massage her clitoris with his index finger. Her pussy is already wet in “anticipation”. Holly closes her eyes and fondles her breasts and tummy as he continues to massage with his finger. After a bit, he pulls back on her clit hood and reaches for the nubby covered vibe toy. Holly says, “Oh, nice”, immediately enjoying the little toy. He works the toy on her pussy, and Holly’s hips begin to gyrate and rise. Holly is also communicative and expressive during her orgasm sessions making lots of little moaning sounds and sounds of ecstasy. When she reaches orgasm, she is quite vocal, almost singing her pleasure. Holly has a nice orgasm with lots of nice visible contractions. But, in typical Holly fashion, she doesn’t stop with just one. She has a very brief recovery period, but he keeps working the toy on her clit and pussy until Holly cums again, with intensifying vocalizations and pussy contractions! Holly rides out the orgasm all the way to the end. I can’t help but notice the pooling vaginal juices in her pussy as he finger massages her clit. Holly brings a hand to her forehead, still panting. His stops rubbing her, as she sticks her fingers into her vagina, noting how swollen she is while she plays with the stringy juices.

Sexy twenty-one year-old Michelle Moist is lying on the bed in a white satiny top and flimsy, pretty little pink panties as he massages her clitoris through her panties. He reaches a hand down and into the little see-through panties. Her feet touching in front of her crotch. He asks her to take-off her panties as he goes back to massaging his clit with his finger for a moment before turning on the little blue dolphin toy. Michelle has a nice, lippy cooch, too – which I notice “flapping” as he plays with the toy on her. Michelle is just totally relaxed with her hand on her chest and her legs wide apart. It’s not long at all before Michelle lets out a big gasp as she pulls her hands down to her sides and has her first orgasm. She giggles, as the camera man massages her clit with his fingers for a moment before going back to using the toy on her – he kinda teased her for that first one. Michelle says, “Oh my god”, softly, then starts to pant as the little toy buzzes her clit. Michelle lets out a couple of soft moans, still holding off, until she is panting and moaning. She hasn’t cum yet, but she’s about to! There are a couple of little pre-orgasmic contractions, then the big ones overcome her and her pussy is snapping hard! It’s a nice one! He pulls the toy off and gently massages her clit with his fingers as Michelle catches her breath.

Buxom red-headed Ayla is undressing in the bedroom She takes off a pretty lace bra, then lies back on the bed and pulls down her skirt then slowly removes her tiny pretty panties. Ayla has a nice, lippy cooch, too. She smiles up at the cameraman and asks him, “Would you like to play with me?” He says, “That would be rather nice.” He finger massages her clit and pussy for a bit as Ayla just totally relaxes on the bed. He pulls back on her clitoral hood and massages her clit directly with his finger. Ayla’s hips and tummy are gently curling upward. As he massages, her luscious labia are flapping a bit, too and he occasionally dips a finger down a little lower for some natural juices. Ayla begins to gasp and moan, which are suddenly accompanied with nice, strong pussy contractions! It’s a slow, powerful and long orgasm. He grabs one her breasts and fingers her pussy deeply before going back for more clit massaging. Ayla doesn’t mind the etra time and attention at all. She just lies back, closes her eyes and gently rocks her hips. He presses more and more firmly – her cooch lips shaking – until Ayla cums again! Another hard, slightly gasping, orgasm with lots of nice, strong, visible and popping contractions! Yum. He slowly lets her wind back down. Then, Ayla giggles and says, “That was lovely!” He plays with her natural wetness for a moment. He asks her if she’d like to try the thingy massager and she says, “Have one more, shall I?” He says, “I don’t see why you shouldn’t.” The toy goes on her clit and her hips are rocking once more :-) Ayla lets her mind and body totally relax once more as he works the toy on her pussy. He reaches a hand over to touch her breast and massage her nipple – Ayla’s pussy is so juicy wet, it’s dripping down onto the bed. She begins to quiver and moan a bit as she cums for a third time! This one is not quite as strong as the last two, but the contractions were still visible. He removes the toy.

Brunette Penelope is seated in the orgasm chair in a satin nightie lustily eating a juicy, ripe peach and saying hello to the camera. She squeezes the peach trying to get more juice out of it and starts rubbing it on her nice, soft breasts and perky nipples. She rubs the peach all over her pussy. The camera man can’t resist and he starts playing with her pussy and picking off the bits of peach that break off. He starts massaging her clit and you can hear Penelope telling him how good it feels. His rubbing gets more and more intense and Penelope says “I don’t want to cum … it feels too good …”. He keeps on going while Penelope grinds her hips against his hand and fingers – her erect nipples just visible in the background. The camera man breaks out a pocket rocket and she cums in seconds! Although her contractions are an eye test, her nervous giggle and clitoral sensitivity are clear indications that her orgasm was real. There’s a bit more post-orgasmic pussy play before the scene ends.

Wearing a black leather body suit, Nicola is prepped for a hands-on session with the videographer. He asks her if the strength of the toy at the present setting will be enough and she responds, “No. There was more maximum.” Their little exchange is kinda funny and cute … anyway, I am digressing a bit here. The toy is set to an appropriate speed as he works the little vibe on her clit. Nicola is holding onto her nipples. He tries several different positions and feelings, but it’s not really enough for Nicola. After a bit of time, she takes the toy, and matters, into her own hands ;-) With the little purple vibe now firmly planted on her clit, Nicola is trying, but still really struggling to ‘find’ this orgasm and even she giggles about it saying she just can’t cum! But, Nicola doesn’t give up … and in the end, her perseverance really pays off because she has another nice, big, rocking orgasm! Nicola laughs and says, “I found the place”!

Elizabeth is back in the orgasm chair for a hands-on orgasm with the cameraman and the magic wand. She is wearing panties reminiscent of a spotted Dalmatian . She is wearing a skirt and a white button down blouse – the skirt is lifted up to her waist. This is a rather closeup view and not all of Elizabeth’s face is visible at all times, but her full body is. Elizabeth removes her Dalmatian panties and unbuttons her blouse to expose her breasts as the cameraman massagers her clit with the magic wand. Elizabeth plays with her nipples until they are pointing straight outward and completely erect. She’s getting very tired on, softly moaning and rocking her hips into the toy. After apparently getting close to cumming once or twice, Elizabeth reaches down and moves the wand a little closer to her magic sweet spot and as she does so, the clear pussy juice really begins to nicely flow. She gets very close and reaches down to pull back on the top of pubic mound a bit, then the toy is taken away. After a second, the toy goes back onto her pussy, on her clit piercing, then slowly works its way down in circles onto her pussy lips. Elizabeth is really worked up and dripping wet now. The toy goes onto the side of her clit as she pulls back on her mound, then she moans and pants, tugging hard on her nipple, then she lets outs a big, “Ahhhhh!” as the cameraman says, “No. No, no, no, no.” But, Elizabeth just can’t hold back this orgasm any longer and she really cums hard. He can’t resist reaching down and playing with her stringy wetness!

Next, Rose is lying across the bed enjoying the magic wand as it is being operated by the videographer. As he works the wand on her clit and pussy, Rose reaches her hand around to her bottom to play there for a moment or two. She has one knee bent up on the bed as she lies back on two pillows. He works the wand on her pussy in small circular motions, then sort of lightly bouncing the wand on Rose’s clit. She begins to moan and oooohh and ahh from time-to-time. With her hand down around her bum and the toy almost directly on her clit, Rose lets out a big scream saying, “Ah!” The toy is front and center and it is very difficult to see her contractions from this angle, sadly. I have no doubt she came – it was classic Rose – but the angle did not facilitate a good view of the pussy contractions.

Angel is back on the table, dressed in a sexy black outfit ... the camera man is caressing her pussy through her thin black panties while he chats softly with her. She has one leg down and the other knee up as she just lies back enjoying what he is doing to her. Out comes the small pink vibe, and the camera man starts to buzz her pussy, clit and ass through her panties. You can see she is enjoying this as her tongue keeps wetting her lips! After a couple of minutes, she takes her panties off which the camera man proceeds to inspect ... he comments that they are full of "Angel juice"! He then parts her pussy lips with one hand while caressing her clit with his other ... then the pink vibe comes back into play. The camera man has her clit hood retracted and is holding back her clit ring to stop if from buzzing against the vibrator as he stimulates her clit. Angel is lying back very quietly, just taking in the sensations. You can see her pussy lip flapping with the motion of the toy ... she starts to grind her hips upwards against toy, and without a word, she almost cums ... the camera man catches this and quickly removes the toy! He uses the vibrator to caress the area around her pussy for a minute, then goes back to her clit. She almost cums straight away, but again he catches this and stops. She is soaking wet now, and after she almost comes yet again, the camera man stops the toy and plays with her pussy juices a little. He then goes back to rubbing her clit with his finger ... He keeps dipping his finger into her vagina to get more of her slippery nectar, which he then uses to rub her clit. "One last time ... want to cum now?" asks the camera man. Angel is ready ... she just wants to cum! The camera man switches to a pocket rocket which he gently rubs on her wet and slippery clit. Angels body is twitching with sexual energy as the intense vibrations start to overcome her. You can see her vagina open and close as she gets closer to cumming ... and her juices look like they are just running out of her. She is lying very still ... her hips start thrusting against the toy as she reaches the verge ... and the camera man stops again! He tells her that he'll let her cum the next time he'll let her cum ... and that doesn't take long at all!

Paige is seated in the orgasm chair again, this time wearing a pretty pink opaque bra and panty set and pink thigh-high fishnet stockings. Paige plays with her pussy and rubs her bits before she pulls the panties aside and the camera man reaches for the magic wand. He works the over her clitoris. Paige is softly moaning and little mini-contractions are happening. This is a semi-aerial view and we can see all the perineum popping contractions just fine! After just a few minutes, Paige has a very nice and totally visible orgasm. Paige is completely sensitive afterwards, but after a brief respite allows the toy to go back onto her clitoris until she has another very nice, very big orgasm. She always smiles after she cums, too. The cameraman asks her if she would like to try the toy on high setting to which she politely declines. But, she does agree to try for one more orgasm (for luck) – at which she quickly and nicely succeeds for a third time! She puts her hand over her pussy “to protect” it from anymore action. Paige says she is willing to come back again, but not for anymore today!

Paige Fox is a cute "shy type" blonde with a nice body and a pussy that our camera man could not resist! Paige is lying on the bed wearing a pair of pink lace panties. The camera man starts off by caressing her pussy through her panties before firing up her favourite vibrator. This is a close-up cooch cam scene. He buzzes her pussy with the silver bullet for a short while and then helps her remove her panties, exposing her already aroused pussy. After applying a little lube the vibe goes back to her clit and before long she is writhing against the toy, taking in all the sensations the toy offers! Paige is clearly enjoying the toy - her knees are bent as she lifts her hips to push her clit harder against the toy. She reaches up with one hand and pulls her pubes back a little to expose her clit even more as the camera man gets a bit more intense with the vibe on her clit. The sensations build and Paige straightens out one of her legs - usually a sign that she is getting close to her orgasm. You can already see mini-contractions around her pussy and perineum ... Paige's movements get more and more intense, in total rhythm with the camera man's motions and it isn't long before she is cumming hard, her pussy pulsating strongly the whole way. I tried to count her contractions but failed as they went on and on! Her clit is very sensitive after her orgasm, but the camera man grabs it between his thumb and forefinger, applying a gently but firm pressure - Paige likes this and you can still see the aftershocks of her orgasm. After a few moments, Paige sits up and the camera pans to her face as she waves good bye.

Michelle Moist
  • Michelle Moist "Hands On"
  • Length: 54 minutes
  • Price: $29.99 USD
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Added:  01/27/2010

Michelle Moist "Hands On"

Michelle Moist is back in an all hands on shoot in all her original glory - literally dripping wet pussy, and powerful orgasmic contractions ... lots of them! She just LOVES it when someone else gets her off which is totally evident on this DVD which has her having both multiple orgasms, and being denied her orgasm ...

Michelle is lying on the bed in a pair of very see-thru and flimsy pink panties. The videographer compliments her on her “superb legs” to which she replies, “I take ballet.” It’s not long before her panties are removed and the little blue dolphin toy is turned on. He works the toy on her nearly naked shaved pussy, clit and on her cooch lips. Michelle is just totally relaxed with her hand on her chest and her legs wide apart. It’s not long at all before Michelle lets out a big gasp as she pulls her hands down to her sides and has her first orgasm. She giggles, as the camera man massages her clit with his fingers before going back to using the toy. Michelle says, “Oh my god.” Then starts to pant as the little toy buzzes her clit. Michelle lets out a couple of soft moans, still holding off, until she is panting and moaning. She hasn’t cum yet, but she’s about to! There are a couple of little pre-orgasmic contrctions, then the big ones overcome her and her pussy is snapping hard! It’s a nice one! He pulls the toy off and gently massages her clit with his fingers as Michelle catches her breath. He thanks her and she giggles and says, “Thank you!”

Next, Michelle is spread in the orgasm chair wearing another pair of tiny little panties. He pulls the panties to the side and massages her clit – her nice cooch lips are protruding in a very lovely way. He finger massages her clit for a bit as they joke about the toy that is about to make Michelle cum. After a bit, Michelle’s panties (or knickers) are removed and he continues to finger massage her clit. Michelle likes this – her pussy is getting wet! Michelle’s anus and pussy begin to twitch in anticipation as the firm finger playing continues. Michelle is moaning every now and then. She says, “Oh, yeah!” as the juices build at the base of her vagina! Michelle lets out a whimpery moan as he reaches two hands over and firmly continues to rub Michelle’s clit. Michelle pants as the finger goes round and round, then faster and faster, back and forth. Michelle likes this and it’s not long before she has a huge, popping, dripping wet orgasm! He stops the movement and pulls up on her clit hood, just as she cums, so we get to see every contraction. Michelle is breathless, then says, “Oh! Wow! That was good!”

He immediately pulls out the silver-bullet vibe – on low speed – to tease her. Her juices are running right down to her bum at this point! Michelle is quickly moaning – from minimal power – with the toy. He dangles the toy by the cord just going around and around on her clit. But, when he holds the toy and presses it just a bit more firmly into Michelle’s clit, she moans and groans. He presses and moves the toy from side-to-side on her clit. And the juices continues to flow! He increases the speed and Michelle says, “Oh! Ah, yeah!” Which is quickly followed by, “Oh God!” and she has another incredibly strong orgasm! Michelle says, “The egg is good!” He notes the wet patch on his chair for which Michelle apologizes. He dips his fingers into her vagina for a bit of moisture, but Michelle has to go.

The next scene is presented in alternating camera views – between extreme cooch cam only and full body angles. Michelle is wearing a pink eyelet top and black eyelet panties. The panties come off as he finger massages her clit. Michelle just lies back on the pillows and enjoys all the sensations. After a bit, he decides to try the thin red vibe on her. He pinpoints the tip of the vibe directly on her clit, and once again, Michelle’s pussy is getting incredibly, dripping wet. She lives up to her moniker “Moist” in this one! He gets her close to orgasm, but decides to hold off a bit, almost dipping the vibe into her juices as he finger massages her clit. Michelle has nice cooch lips – kinda full – did I mention that before? He pulls back on her clit a bit, then puts the toy back on her. Michelle is softly moaning. The he massages her clit between his thumb and index finger, exposing the end of her clit completely once more. The red vibe goes back on her, pressing a bit more firmly this time. Sort of simultaneously massaging the backside of Michelle’s clit while using the toy on the tip, Michelle’s pussy gets sopping wet! Michelle says, “Oh God. Mmm. Ah.” As she gets ready to cum again. Pant, pant, pant as she cums hard and strong, once more – in close-up camera view! He dips his finger into her vagina and plays with her juices. She’s asks if she’s made a mess of the bed – but I wouldn’t consider that wetness a mess.

Michelle is now seated in the chair – closeup view once more. Her nipples and breasts are in view, too. She is wearing a sexy girl gold bikini top and black panties. He rubs the dolphin over Michelle’s nipples and on her pussy through her panties. Michelle really likes the “good, good, dolphin”. After a bit, they decide to take her panties off. He lays the dolphin on her clit, rubbing the toy all over. He spreads her lips apart with one hand and works the tip of the dolphin right on her clitoris. Michelle starts to cum, but he takes the toy away just in time. After she calms down a bit, he goes back to working the toy on her clit and she starts to cum again. He tries to take the toy away again, but he’s too late this time – her pussy is popping in orgasm before she can stop it. The toy goes back on her clit once again going around in small, tight circles. She lets out a big, “Ah!” and starts to cum again, but he pulls the toy away once more. He stimulates her now “soft” nipples and then puts the toy back on her clit. He massages her perineum with his fingers for a moment, then spreads her lips wide apart with the toy going back and forth on her clit. He holds on the edge of orgasm once more. He tells her he is waiting for her juices to be down to her ass. With the toy moving up and down on her clit, Michelle’s pussy is getting wetter and wetter. He keeps working the toy on her, pulling back on her clit hood – her juices are indeed dripping down to her ass – and he asks her, “Do you want to cum now?” She doesn’t reply. He continues to work the toy on her clit. After a just a little bit, Michelle lets out a big, “Ah!” and she cums hard and perfectly visibly once more! He pulls back on her clit hood and plays with her juices with his fingers.

More Holly Kiss
  • More Holly Kiss
  • Length: 53 minutes
  • Price: $29.99 USD
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Category:  ORGASMS

Added:  01/27/2010

More Holly Kiss

The very attractive strawberry blonde / red-head Holly Kiss is back in another solo DVD. This MILF / mature-ish woman, with a great body and completely shaved pussy, really knows how to enjoy her orgasms to the fullest!

Holly is wearing a tight pair of white jeans and a white and pink argyle sweater as she kneels on the bed, facing the headboard. Miss Kiss grabs the magic wand and starts using the toy on her cooch right through her jeans, noting just how good that toy feels. Holly removes her jeans and t-shirt, revealing a very sexy white thong panty and bra – not to mention an Asian symbol tattoo going right down her spine. Holly removes the panties, keeping her backside towards the camera. Holly then reaches for the magic wand once more, noting that she wants to keep it on the highest setting for a bit. Kneeling and with the toy between her legs, Holly quickly starts softly moaning. Holly moves the toy side-to-side and round in circles on her pussy with her feet firmly planted on the bed. Holly lets out a higher pitched moan and starts to really wiggle on the magic wand, and then the pulsating contractions take over! Holly rides out this orgasm to the fullest and doesn’t stop there. Holly continues to ride the wand until she is cumming again. After she finishes with her second orgasm, she reaches her hand around to her pussy and plays with her juices. Holly rolls over onto her back, showing off her juicy wet pussy.

Back in the bedroom lying on the bed completely naked, Holly is ready to enjoy a hands-on orgasm. To begin, the toy of choice is just a little feather. The cameraman strokes Holly’s bald pussy with the feather and pulls back on her clit hood for a better rub. Holly notes that it does feel “very nice”. He continues moving the little feather frantically up and down and all around on Holly’s clit area. Holly is getting more and more aroused as her hips begin to rock and her moans intensify. Herr pussy is getting wet, too – a nice bead of wetness is forming and beginning to run down to her anus. Clearly Holly is enjoying all this ‘feather’ attention. He is pulling back on her clit hood once more and her clit is becoming more prominent as the moisture continues to grow. Eventually, the little feather tease is abandoned in favour of a good old fashioned finger rub. And Holly is so worked up from the action with the feather, that it doesn’t take look at all before she is cumming hard – with lots of nice visible contractions! Holly throws her head back on the pillows and enjoys this orgasm completely. Her pussy is so wet, too. He continues to stimulate her with just his finger, then spreads her lips wide to show off the wetness. He picks up the feather once more and rubs her pussy and breasts with it. Holly says how much she enjoyed that orgasm.

Holly is back in the bedroom wearing a sexy black and pink-trimmed bra and panty set. She is once again kneeling on the bed and enjoying the magic wand through her panties. Holly takes off her panties and pulls her bra down to ‘release’ her breasts a bit. Holly works the toy all over her pussy, moaning and really enjoying the powerful toy. Holly really does have a nice body (albeit with enhanced breasts) and she looks very sexy in this scene with her breasts exposed, her hand on her tummy and her head tossed back in ecstasy – especially as she grinds right down on the toy. As Holly gets closer and closer to orgasm, her nipples become quite perky, her movements become slower and more deliberate. Holly presses firmly on her tummy and moans as she cums very hard, pulling her hips up and outward. It’s tough to actually see the contractions because of her positioning and the camera positioning, but there is no denying this orgasm watching her body reactions. In typical Holly Kiss fashion though, she doesn’t stop after the first orgasm! Holly keeps going with the toy, enjoying it for yet another orgasm. Holly reaches her hand down to her pussy and pulls away a wet juicy, yummy, string. Holly lets us know how much she likes the wand as the camera pans in for a close-up of her swollen, redden pussy.

Holly is lounging on the bed for yet another hands-on orgasm. This one begins with him finger rubbing her clit. After a bit of finger play, the little bullet vibe with the nubby end is turned on and worked all over Holly’s pussy. It’s not too long before the little toy has Holly moaning. He begins to really press the little buzzy toy quite firmly into Holly’s clit and after just a few minutes, it makes Holly cum. Her anus puckers with a few per-orgasmic contractions just before the powerful, quick and rhythmic ones take a hold. It’s a nice orgasm that Holly enjoys all the way to the end. He keeps the toy in place on her clit, firmly pressing and working the toy around. He uses the toy to run trhough some of her juices then turns the tip directly onto her clit which leaves Holly shuddering. But, clearly Holly is ready for more handson attention. Holly’s vocalizations begin to crescendo and culminate a breathy, panting orgasm. He flicks the toy very quickly up and down, directly on her clit, her pussy is red and engorged and her slit opens as she cums once more. He turns off the toy and rubs her clit with just his fingers – I can’t help but notice the gooey wetness as the base of her vagina, too. Holly dips her fingers into her juicyness.

Holly is playing solo in the next scene, wearing only a red and pink polka-dotted bra. She is using the nubby little egg vibe on her clit, quickly enjoying the toy and moaning. Holly’s feet are perched in front of her cooch, but her legs are spread wide apart. Holly firmly presses the toy into her clit, working it from side-to-side, moaning and clearly enjoying it all. It’s not long at all before Holly has a nice, visible orgasm. It gently pulls her hips off the bed and there are lots of nice contractions. Holly plays with her wetness – her clit looks absolutely huge. She pulls back on her hood and looks at the camera man smiling.

Orgasm Sampler 10
  • Orgasm Sampler 10
  • Length: 64 minutes
  • Price: $34.99 USD
  • Add To Cart Buy Now

Category:  ORGASMS

Added:  01/27/2010

Orgasm Sampler 10

We are pleased to announce the release of our tenth and final Orgasm Sampler DVD. This is a wide screen format of ten of some of our best new orgasms!

First up is the enhanced Myla. Myla is taking off a very pretty pink with black trim bra and panty set – and one can not help but notice how HUGE Myla’s breasts are! I mean huge. She removes the bra to fondle her breasts, then she takes off her panties. Myla sits up with one hand working her breasts, the other massaging her cooch for a bit before settling into the chair with a clit stimulating toy. She occasionally pulls the toy away and uses it on her nipple, panting, licking her lips and breathing heavily. Her cooch is completely shaved, except for a tightly cropped patch at the top, and in typical Myla fashion, it really doesn’t take long for her to reach a nice, visible, pulsating orgasm. She pulls her legs up and the camera moves in for a cooch closeup.

Looking positively demur in comparison to Myla is another raven-haired beauty, nineteen year-old Jewels. Jewels is wearing a black floral bra and panty combo. This is Jewels first time trying the magic wand! She removes her panties – tossing them to the floor – and applies the wand to her clitoris. Jewels enjoys the wand as her hips quickly begin to rise and fall. Jewels has milky white, fair skin and it’s kind of interesting to see her pussy becoming more and more red as she wanks with the wand. I’m amazed at how long Jewels can withstand the power and the sensations of the magic wand! With just a few gasps and sighs, Jewels cums hard – a true snapping orgasm – smiling afterwards. Then, she says the magic wand was “the best orgasm ever” – and she is stringy wet after, too. Her clit is very sensitive.

Holly Kiss is lounging on maroon sheets and removing a pair of very sexy black panties. Holly’s pussy is completely shaved. She crosses her legs to sit up and remove the matching, very sexy, black bra, too. She tosses the lingerie, giggling. Holly rubs her clit with her fingers. She reaches for a purple vibe and gets excited by the intensity, noting, “Oh! This one’s gooood!” Holly keeps her feet in a praying position in front of her pelvis as she moves the little toy round and round over her clitoris. Her hips are slightly bounding up and down, too. Little rhythmic pleasure moans escape her as she wanks. It’s feeling really good and without much warning Holly has a really nice, really strong orgasm! It’s a classic and a beautiful one! There are glistening juices between her slits, too, as Holly rides this one all the way! Holly is giggly and her clit is so sensitive after that one! But, one is never enough for this woman! Holly keeps the toy moving over her clitoris just as soon as the sensitivity passes and she is getting ready for orgasm number two! Holly keeps the little toy moving round and round on her clitoris, constantly saying, “Ah. Ah. Ah. Ah” as she quivers and wanks herself silly. At about the 14 minutes mark, Holly has another completely powerful, tugging orgasm! Again, Holly uses the toy to the max – riding out a long, powerful, visible orgasm. She is totally giggly and satisfied. She shows off ‘the good toy’ to the camera and let’s us know how much she loved it. We did, too. The camera moves in for a close-up as Holly fingers her pussy and plays with the egg-white strings.

Anna is lying on the bed, her bottom half is naked, her shirt is on, but pulled down to expose her breasts and nipples. She is rubbing and fingering her pussy, in her slow and easy way, dipping her fingers in for some natural juices, then spreading them on her clit. Anna reches her other hand around her leg and firmly grasps her bottom cheek for a bit before going back to rubbing and sort of softly flicking her clit from side-to-side very quickly with her third finger. Anna begins to really rub and press firmly on her clit, reaching her hand around from behind her leg and pressing on her perineum as she massages with the other hand, too. Anna pauses for a moment to moisten her fingers one more time and it’s really not long after that she has another nice, visible orgasm. She lets out a small gasp of air, then an “Oh. And an Ah!” as the contractions take hold. She giggles and says, “Just a little one.” But, it was perfectly visible and obvious from the camera angle. She giggles, noting “Ah. I’m totally spent”.

The lovely Evey Kristal is standing in front of a mirror. Evey turns around to take her panties off. She is also wearing pink knee-high stockings. She leaves the pink, satiny bra on this time. Evey sits down a white chair slightly in front of the mirror and drapes her legs over the arms. She uses a little silver vibe this time, point the tip of the vibe directly onto her clit – which seems to be the way she most enjoys the toys. The views for this scene alternate between close-up and full-body angles because as she works her clit, her pussy gets glistening wet. She starts to work the toy just a bit more frantically on her clit as the wetness builds more and more. Evey’s hips are slightly rocking up and down, her eyes are closed and the toy is going around in tight circles – she is ready to cum! She presses the tip of the vibe right into her clit a few more times – the close-up cam view shows that wetness pooling at the base of her vagina. With a just barely audible moan, Evey cums again – this is yet another fantastic, perfectly visible orgasm! And first we see it in full-body view, then we switch to the close-up replay so that we can see all the contractions once more! Her clit is very enlarged after all that sitmulation! Love to watch the drip moving down, too … then she dips her vibe in it after her orgasm.

Angel is lying on the dining table, wearing a sexy midnight blue bra and panty set. This is a hands-on scene, from a semi-aerial perspective, and as the cameraman plays with her pussy, he notes her growing wet spot! He starts with a long, egg style vibrator and slowly works that over Angels’ important areas. After a few moments of soft stimulation, they decide it is time to for Angel to take off her panties. The videographer switches to a more powerful purple egg-style vibe and Angel appears utterly content sprawled across the dining table as the toy rattles and chinks her clit piercing. He patiently and diligently works the little buzzer on her clit, and gets her very, very close – she is dripping wet 0 but won’t let her cum the first time. He goes back to using the toy on her clit again, asking her if she wants to cum this time. Angel says yes, and then within just a few seconds, she is cumming hard – bucking on the table!

Next, we have a close-up cooch cam view of another new-cummer, Nicola. Nicola is rubbing a large white vibe up and down on her pussy through a pair of pretty purple panties. Nicola doesn’t have just one orgasm in this scene, but two! In less than 3 minutes, Nicola has her first orgasm! Her pussy flinches with a couple of pre-orgasmic contractions, then clasps together rather rapidly for the orgasm – lots of nice, visible contractions – then she giggles. “That was quick!” But, Nicola isn’t finished just yet. She takes a moment, then puts the vibe back on her clit. She pulls upward on her clit with the vibe, then stops and rests the vibe directly in place. Nicola does this several times – getting riled up, then pulling the toy away. After several minutes of toying like this, Nicola slowly rocks upward once more, having a second, really nice, really visible orgasm. She says, “Oh!” as she does so. Then she says, “Twice!!” and giggles. Nicola gets up off the bed to get dressed.

Featured in full-body view is another nice new-cummer, Lexi Ward. Lexi is lying on the bed, completely naked, playing with a long silver vibe. She works the tip of the vibe directly on the tip of her clit, rocking her hips and lifting her bottom up and off the bed as she wanks. Lexi’s eyes roll back in her head and her eyelids close as she has her first, nice, tugging and perfectly visible orgasm. But, Lexi’s not finished just yet – she keeps the tip of the vibe right there, going for it one more time. She touches her sensitive clit and pussy, noting “It’s wet!” She slowly gets up and walks out of the room.

Layla is lounging on the bed rubbing her pussy and clitoris with just her fingers – first slowly and then with a bit more intention. There is either a dryer or some sort of “appliance noise” in the background. A little later there are some kitchen noises and chatting – all of which doesn’t seem to bother Layla in the least! The camera is fixed in this scene – capturing Layla in full-body view, but sort of “centered” between her legs. Layla decides to reach for a little red vibrator – she does really seem to like the tiny vibes! Within just a few minutes of reaching for the vibe, Layla lets out a soft groan and then cums with a series of nice perineum “popping” contractions. She looks at the camera, too. And then goes for another nice orgasm! But two orgasms are not enough – Layla keeps the toy firmly in place on her clit and goes for one more real wow orgasm with lots of quick contractions! She says her clit is so sensitive after that, but she places the toy back onto her clitoris and manages to have yet another really big orgasm that seems to just go on and on for a long time. Layla gently massages and hold her now throbbing pussy and clitoris. I can hardly believe she could go for another one, but Layla places the little vibe back onto her clitoris and jiggles it very quickly on the top of her clitoris until she cums again! (And thankfully, for me, someone finally closes the bedroom door to cutout the background appliance noises!) Layla slightly adjusts the position of the toy, lightly fingers her pussy with her other hand until she is cumming yet again! Amazing! It’s hard to believe, but Layla still hasn’t cum enough! She continues to stimulate her clitoris for one more really nice, really popping orgasm – with just the mildest of moans. She gently massages her pussy, then she smiles and giggles. That little toy must be her favourite.

Jess West looks very pretty lounging on mint green sheets and removing a mint green bra! She lies back on the pillows, reaches for a pink toy to test on the tip of her nose. At first she uses the toy on her nipples. Then she slowly takes it down to her panties. Quickly, the panties come off. Jess uses the pink toy on her clit, always opening and spreading her pussy lips apart as she plays. The pink toy looks like a buzzy, soft, flexible toothbrush. It doesn’t take long before the toy has the desired effect – Jess’s cooch is getting wet and she is beginning to softly moan, but before she cums “too quickly”, she pulls the toy off her clit and uses it on her breasts – to “distract” herself. Jess’s pussy is getting wetter and wetter. She is moaning while fondling her erect nipples. With just a moan, Jess cums quickly – 5 of 6 quick, strong contractions. The juices are just dripping from her pussy. Jess tries the toy on various different speeds and settings before deciding to switch to a black barrel style vibe. Apparently, this toy must feel really good, because Jess is cumming again within just a few minutes. Her cooch is dripping wet and she cums with a series of strong, long contractions. Jess keeps her eyes open for most of it, saying, “Ah, ah, ah”. Jess follows that orgasm up immediately with another, this time biting her lip, closing her eyes and putting her head back on the pillow. She moves the toy up to her breasts for a moment, but her cooch is so wet! The toy goes back down on her clit once more, she dips a finger into her vagina, clutches her breast, then cranks up the speed on the toy. Jess is moaning again, just before she cums another time! She puts the toy right on her clit and cums and cums and cums! Eyes are closed, head is back, tummy taunt and back is slightly arched. She keeps going with the toy until she cums again – this goes on and on and on! What a great orgasm!! She takes the toy away and starts to use it on her breasts. She plays lightly with the toy some more … stroking her pussy and lips. It feels good and I think Jess has one more in her. With the toy going around and around directly on her clit, Jess cums again! She is just softly moaning, saying “Ummm. Ahhh. Ummm. Ahhh.” as she gets closer and closer. Jess rubs, rubs, rubs with the toy as the next series of contractions take her over. Her eyes are closed and her tummy is taunt as she pulls up for this one! She giggles, then takes the toy up to her breasts. The camera moves in for a close-up of her cooch. I thought the scene was going to end after all those orgasms, but it doesn’t! Jess continues using the black barrel toy – just slowly all over her bits and breasts. But, it becomes obvious after a little more play time, that it’s feeling really good and Jess can probably cum again. She rubs the toy up and down on her lips, then directly on her clit. She closes her eyes, pressing the toy firmly into her clit, the moans crescendo as Jess has yet another big, long orgasm! She smiles and giggles noting she, “Can’t turn it off”, referring to the toy. We hope she never does at this rate! Jess is knackered though and she does finally have to end that fun, orgasmic afternoon!

More Liz Tyler
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More Liz Tyler

The sexy blonde MILF Liz Tyler came back with six more really stellar, homemade, orgasms for us! Liz and her partner, Cyrus, who is featured in one scene, take turns filming Liz having lots of nice O's.

This DVD begins with Liz feeling a bit stressed. She chats about the struggles of her day ... but, she lets us know that the one bright spot in her day was thinking about coming home and doing this video! So, after the brief intro, Liz gets down to the stress relieving task at hand and moves the camera to show her kneeling on the bed, wearing her work attire. We also can’t help but notice that Liz has had a breast enhancement since we last saw her! Liz sticks her hand down her skirt and feels herself, then she unbuttons her blouse. She hikes her skirt, revealing her thigh-high stockings and her sexy garter, then she unzips her skirt to show off her really sexy lingerie and her huge, new breasts. Liz pulls her red and black crotch-less panties aside to show-off her pussy as she begins rubbing her clitoris - quickly and furiously. She immediately begins to moan and pant. Liz is always careful to provide us with as many camera angles as she possible can, mixing up the full-body views and the close-up cooch shots. She takes a moment to get comfortable on the bed as she rubs and rubs her pussy. Liz finger wanks quite furiously and we are able to see those pussy juices building as she starts to moan and say, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." She lets us know how close she is getting, too. We see a couple of pre-contractions as she says she is getting close again, then she says, "I’m going to cum!" And she slows her pace down - but she’s not quite able to pull the trigger then and the camera switches slowly to a full-body view. She is enjoying her new enhancements, too – licking her nipples and tugging on them as she frantically rubs herself - urging herself harder and harder to cum. She lets out a big moan as the contractions take a hold of her pussy. It’s a long and good orgasm. Liz lets us know how good that one felt as she licks her pussy juices off her fingers. As she sits up, she lets us know she is already starting to feel better – but she’s "not done, yet!"

The next view is of Liz taking off her panties and garter while standing over the camera. It’s an interesting angle to be sure. She turns on the magic wand as she kneels over the camera. Liz is really riding the wand, but it doesn’t take her long at all to have a little squirting orgasm. She’s still not ready to stop, yet, though and she keeps the toy on her sopping wet pussy for some more until she cums again (not quite so strong, but she definitely enjoyed it and it is visible). Liz’s clit and pussy is sensitive as she puts the toy back in place and says, "Let’s see if we can make it again!" She quickly says, "Oh god, I’m getting close. I’m getting close!" Then she says, "Oh my god, here it cums. Here it cums!" And she has another nice, visible, strong orgasm with the wand. She lets us know she is now really feeling much better! And so are we!

Liz Tyler is lying on the office conference table - as Cyrus is filming this scene - when she asks "You want some breakfast? I’ve got something right here for you, baby!" She hikes her satin nightie to reveal a pair of sexy black panties. Liz lies on the dining table fingering herself for a bit. She removes her panties and really gets serious about the fingering and rubbing – lifting her leg in the air and spreading her cheeks apart. It’s not too long before Liz can’t resist inserting her finger into her bottom. She clearly enjoys the anal stimulation, too, as she fingers, rubs and slaps her pussy. After a bit, Liz says, "Oh! I’m gonna cum!" and the contractions take hold – it’s another nice, visible and strong orgasm! She continues to rub her clit afterwards. She asks her hubby to put that camera on the tripod. Of course, he obliges as we see him move into view and lick her clitoris. It’s a nice view of his tongue really separating her lips and tonguing her pussy – inside and out. She acknowledges how excited it makes her. The camera angle switches to a bit more full body view of Cyrus continuing to go down on Liz. She rolls over onto all fours and puts her bottom in his face as he continues to lick and suck her pussy and clit. Liz says, "I could just ride your face all day!" They switch the camera position once more for some really close-up views of the oral sex. It’s not long before Cyrus’ cock is in her in close-up fashion. They put the camera back on the tripod as he mounts her from behind. After a bit, Liz rolls over onto her back while he fucks her. Liz is firmly holding onto the table as he rubs her clit and rides her at the same time. He reaches up and grabs her breast as he continues to fuck her. They switch the camera angle to a very close-up view again of his penis going in and out of her from above. Liz rubs her clit frantically as he rides her. The camera angle switches back to Liz on her back on the table as he continues to ride her. He bends over and passionately kisses her as she encourages him to "come on, baby!" He moves back – still standing up – and massages her clit some more. He grabs her ass as she tells him not to stop because she is getting so close. She is gripping the table for dear life as she tells him to squeeze her tits when she cums. I think Liz cums, but there is really no way to see the contractions. She rolls over onto her tummy, asking Cyrus, "Do you want to do it doggy?" and he mounts her from behind. He slides her back off the table a little bit and thrusts deep inside her. Then he moves more rapidly, really rocking and shaking the table now, and pulls his penis out of her and cums all over her ass. Cyrus has a big penis!

Liz is back in the bedroom while the are napping. She’s wearing a purple top and skirt – she asks Cyrus, "Do you just wanna watch today, babe?" He has no complaints. Liz slowly removes her skirt and then her t-shirt – she’s not wearing a bra. She plays with her breasts for a bit, then fingers her pussy through her panties. Next, she pulls her panties down, touching her clit, before removing them completely. Liz is now kneeling completely naked on the bed. She reaches behind the pillow and grabs a little pink vibe. Cyrus moves the camera in for a bit of a closeup as she kneels working the toy on her clit. After a bit, she rolls onto all fours, putting her finger in her ass – then two. Liz reaches around with her other hand to rub her clit, frantically. With her fingers still in her ass, Liz grabs the pink vibe and starts to work that on her clit. It’s not long before Liz is working herself into ecstasy with plenty of "Oh yeahs!" and "Oh god!" She lets us know she is getting so close, always keeping her fingers inserted in her ass. Liz then says, "I’m gonna cum so hard! Oh god, it’s getting closer!" She lets out a little pussy fart, which is followed by a much bigger one, which is quickly followed by a nice orgasm! No wonder she didn’t want to stop! But Liz isn’t satisfied with just one, the camera moves back out for a full-body view of her, still doggy-style having orgasm number two. She rolls over and shows how wet her pussy is, asking "Do you like that? You want a taste, don’t you, baby?"


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The Charlie shoot is one of those really good ones from our earlier days that just had to be re-digitized and given a proper, detailed description upon re-release. We feel it is one for the orgasm lovers’ collection. So, if you didn’t pick it up when it was originally released, then you’ll definitely want to grab one now!

Charlie is seated in the orgasm chair to introduce herself. She is twenty-three years old and she has no trouble describing how much she loves to masturbate – in great detail. Charlie takes off her pretty panties and decides to use her favourite buzzy toy. She leaves a sexy see-thru bra on. She places the large, long, metallic vibe on her clit and also inserts it into her pussy. With her panties dangling from her knee, Charlie continues to work the toy all over her cooch. The lippy sides of Charlie’s cooch are shaved, but there is a nice patch of hair on her mound. Charlie takes her time, really getting herself worked up with the sensations from the vibe. And as she gets closer and closer, her moans increase in frequency and intensity. She places a finger just above her bum hole, gently massaging her perineum area, too. But, that doesn’t quite do the trick, either. Charlie continues to use the toy – finding just the right spot – and pressing it firmly into her clit from time-to-time. Charlie is beginning to moan very rhythmically and she is showing involuntary pre-orgasmic twitches and contractions. She begins to move the vibe up and down on her clit, the goes back to pressing it firmly into her clit. Charlie is moaning and hissing. Charlie is not the fastest out of the blocks in this first scene, but she is clearly enjoying playing with her toy – and this scene has lots and lots of build-up to prove it. But, when she does finally get herself off, the orgasm is a strong and powerful one with lots and lots of contractions. She just sits back and enjoys the ride to the fullest, too. This orgasm is captured with full-body view, but her contractions are so strong, you can count every one of them. Charlie plays with her enlarged clit when she’s done. Charlie hopes we enjoyed that as much as she did!

Charlie is in the bedroom getting ready to test the new magicwand. She removes her white tank top, then sits down on the bed to remove her high heels. She kneels on the bed to remove a tiny little jean skirt. Now kneeling on the bed with nothing but her panties on, she decides to give the magic wand a try. She likes the wand and quickly decides to remove the panties, too. Charlie bends over doggy style to make herself comfortable with the magic wand between her legs. Adjusting to the wand doesn’t take her long, but she does note that the toy is almost too powerful! After a few moments of enjoying the toy, Charlie notes, “Oh. That’s gonna make me cum real quick!” With her bottom up, she is softly moaning. Charlie lays the wand parallel to her inner thigh, and it’s not too long before her moans are becoming deeper and deeper. The camera moves in for an extreme closeup on her bits and bottom, and you can actually see her lips vibrating from the rotation of the toy! It’s pretty neat. Charlie is now rocking a bit on the toy, too. She is “oohing” and “aahing”. The camera moves out of a more full-body perspective, again, as Charlie continues to rock on the toy. After a bit more, Charlie says, “Oh. Oh. Oh yeah” And she cums so hard with tons and tons of perfect bottom puckering contractions! I rewinded and counted 11. She plays with her juices for a moment before kneeling on the bed again and getting dressed. She really has a nice, slim physique. And, one can not help but noting Charlie’s breasts are artificially enhanced.

Charlie is wearing nothing but a black satin robe as she makes herself comfortable on the sofa for another go with the magic wand. Charlie’s pussy is creamy wet in this one. I think she likes the wand. Charlie has her legs straight up in the air, with her hand wrapped around the back of one knee. It doesn’t take Charlie nearly as long to have another fantastic orgasm this time! As her moans increase, the camera moves in for a close-up of her pussy and bum, and then the contractions take ahold. All eleven of them – not counting the after shocks! She is wet as she reaches down and pulls back on her clit hood. She spreads her lips apart – she has a pretty cooch. The camera moves up to share her erect nipples as she blows a small kiss good bye to the camera.

Charlie is back in the bedroom for the last scene. She removes her top, jeans, socks and panties. She’s not wearing a bra. Charlie lies back on the bed. Charlie is wanking this time with absolutely nothing except her lovely long fingers rubbing frantically on her clit. Charlie grasps her breast and inserts a finger for some natural lubrication from time-to-time. As she rubs and rubs, she also pulls one leg up in the air, holding onto the back of her knee as she likes to do. She rocks her hips for a little extra stimulation. With her head lifted off the pillows and her fingers rubbing quickly, Charlie begins to pant and moan. The onger she goes, the more we can hear the juices building in her pussy. Charlie lets out a deep and long, “Ahhhhhhh”, then really pants and pants – still frantically rubbing – until she cums really hard again – even with all the hand motion, her contractions are distinct, strong and perfectly visible. She works her clit through the entire orgasm, really savoring every last little bit. Charlie sits up on the bed, continuing to rub her pretty pussy and fondle her breasts. Charlie slowly gets off the bed, gathers her clothing and leaves the bedroom.

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See different views of women masturbating to orgasms that are clearly visible - watch their wet pussies snap, throb, twitch and pulsate each time they orgasm!

You'll see:

-> Close up contractions
-> Full body reactions
-> Girl / Girl masturbation
-> True Female Ejaculation

and Much, Much More!!