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  Tied N Tickled Viewers Choice 2008
Length: 80 minutes
Price: $24.95 USD



Category: TICKLING

Added: 02/21/09 11:19:48 PM

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Viewers' Choice 2008

presents the most popular clips of the year on one DVD.

FORCED ORGASM TICKLE TORTURE: Talk about having too much fun on the job! Mistress Kat busted out the fuzzy duster and the fur paddle to tickle SubMissAnn's pussy with, and our favorite tickle victim REALLY REALLY REALLY liked it, so much so we had to take a pause in filming to let Ann regain her composure! Of course, we left that part in... Do we run a fun set or what?

WHITE SATIN TICKLE TORTURE: We were so happy when adult and fetish star Karina Kay agreed to be a tickle victim, so we decided to give her the high glam Hollywood treatment and put her on a pretty satin bed. And then, of course, Mistress D and Mistress O proceeded to tickle the hell out of her! ;) Beautiful Karina proved to be VERY ticklish, and also so sweet in the way she helplessly pleaded for her tormentors to stop... please stop... not the feet... oh God not the feet.... As if that could deter our tickle predator Mistresses!

MISTRESS VS. MISTRESS: A tickle predator gets tickled! We thought it would be a fun and fitting way to welcome the hot and adorable Mistress Kat (who, to our great dismay, subsequently moved out of state so can't tickle torture any more) by restraining her and unleashing Mistress D's vicious claws on her. ;) To her delight, Mistress Kat proved to be extremely ticklish -- though she looks like she's having just too much fun using D's boobs as a pillow... ;) )

TRIPLE THREAT TICKLE TORTURE: Submissive Jimmy was already getting the torture treatment from Mistress Kat -- but now she's called in reinforcements! Since Jimmy is so conveniently spread eagled (just the perfect position for much cock and ball tickling, his sensitive spot, hahaha!) Mistress D has even invited our perennial tickle victim SubMissAnn over to the predator side. Six hands, lots of tickle toys, so much fun...

TOOTHBRUSH TICKLE TORTURE: Mistress O has emerged as one of the hottest (and most sadistic) Dommes in L.A., but this clip takes us back to the time when she was new to the scene and still paying her dues as a submissive: the beautiful O kept telling Mistress D "no please no" and other phrases which just egged the sadistic Mistress on. Mistress Kat soon joined in the fun of tormenting O with the evil battery powered toothbrush, as well as discovering O's weakness for being tickled on and around the knees, and making her go completely berserk!

SUPER TICKLISH! Fetish model Karrlie Dawn is a hottie -- and also UNBELIEVABLY ticklish! We let our guest tickle predator, January Seraph, have first crack at her -- in no time at all, Karrlie is promising ANYTHING BUT ANYTHING -- including licking the bottom of January's 102 pairs of shoes!! -- if she'll just stop tickling.

THE PHANTOM HAND Seems a disembodied hand has arrived to help Mistress D and Mistress O as they tickle torture lovely Jazzmine! The Hand even gets a hold of the notorious battery powered toothbrush and goes for Jazzmine's pussy and thighs. One of our most fun clips ever! VIBRATOR TICKLE TORTURE! How much fun is it to tickle torture a girl who has a vibrator tied to her pussy? Our tickle predators had an awesome time overloading submissive Alisha's pleasure centers on this one -- Alisha had to ask permission to cum, and ended up cumming while getting both feet tickled unmercifully our special guest, fetish model January Seraph.

CHERRY POPPIN' TICKLE TORTURE: Our Mistresses just love to be the first to deflower a tickle virgin and find those make-tickle-victim-go-berserk sensitive spots. Cherry proved to be a great ticklee all around, with ultra-ticklish armpits, inner thighs and butt!

NO MERCY ASS TICKLE TORTURE: Darling is back, as ticklish as ever! She's so cute and hot, so sweet, so unbelievably ticklish...we've really missed Darling, so we got her back for another round of relentless tickle torture! This time, Mistress D and Mistress Kat discover a new ultra-sensitive spot -- her butt and ass crack -- and go crazy on it with fur paddle, feather duster, and beautiful black stiff feathers! This made Darling go absolutely nuts, but what can she do, suspended as she is with her ass sticking out... ;)

  The SubMissAnn Collection
Length: 61 minutes
Price: $24.99 USD



Category: TICKLING

Added: 09/05/08 06:27:27 AM

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All the clip series with hottie SubMissAnn on one DVD. Includes Spread Eagle Tickle Torture --- SubMissAnn is legendary for being an extra heavy BDSM player and a pain slut -- so being tied spread eagled to a table awaiting her doom is nothing new for her. But, there's pain, and then there's relentless tickle torture in the hands of Mistress D. We kindly allowed Ann to have a pillow so her head wouldn't bang against the marble table -- but that was the only mercy shown. (We didn't tell our bound and helpless tickle victim the Mistress' nickname is the Evil Tickle Torturess...) Also,Mercy! Mistress D actually got SubMissAnn to say the magic word when she got hold of Ann's super-ticklish feet and wouldn't stop tickling! Forced Orgasm Tickle Torture -- Talk about having too much fun on the job! Mistress Kat busted out the fuzzy duster and the fur paddle to tickle SubMissAnn's pussy with, and she really liked it. I mean, she REALLY REALLY REALLY liked it, so much so we had to take a pause in filming to let Ann regain her composure! Extra Bitchy Tickle Torture -- SubMissAnn pays for a time she called Mistress Hikari a bitch :). Now, Mistress Hikari takes her tickle predator revenge on Ann and her super ticklish feet (among other parts), and Mistress D also gets in on the fun!

  Porn Star Tickle Torture 2
Length: 72 minutes
Price: $24.99 USD



Category: TICKLING

Added: 05/24/08 05:44:02 AM

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It's just so much fun to take smokin' hot adult and fetish stars and get them all tied up and tickled, we had to do it again! Porn Star Tickle Torture 2 features the gorgeous -- and unbelievably ticklish -- Karina Kay, star of New Sensations' "Dark Angels 2: Bloodline" (AVN winner for best videography), Evil Angel's "Service Animals" series, "Strap Attack 3" and more than 50 other adult films. For her very first experience, "White Satin Tickle Torture," we gave Karina the high glam Hollywood treatment and put her on a pretty satin bed -- and of course, then tickle her till she was begging and pleading ("oh, no, not the feet!" as if that could deter Mistress O and Mistress D!). For "White Rope Tickle Torture" gorgeous Karina is restrained against a column in a beautiful loft space, all lovely, pale-skinned and... laughing hysterically because she's being tickled from both sides as the Mistresses' hands reach around from behind. And since Karina looks like an angel, we suited her up with bondage to match in "Angel Wings Tickle Torture" -- and then Mistress D and Mistress O proceeded to tickle the hell out of her, including introducing poor Karina to their favorite sadistic game, "ANTS!" Porn Star Tickle Torture 2 also features Lystra, who recently starred in Vivid Alt's acclaimed "Man's Ruin." Mistress Hikari takes on the super-ticklish and giggly Lystra, who was particularly sensitive to the Mistress's fur flogger! Bonus tracks: In "The Phantom Hand," a disembodied hand mysteriously shows up to help our predator Mistresses torment lovely Jazzmine. The Hand comes up through a hole in the dungeon furniture she's tied to for a tickle attack from below on her pussy and thighs. It even gets ahold of the notorious battery powered toothbrush at one point! And "Forced Orgasm Tickle Torture" proved to be one of those happy accidents on the set: Mistress Kat busted out the fuzzy duster and fur paddle to tickle SubMissAnn's pussy with, and Ann really, really REALLY REALLY liked it, so much so we had to take a pause in filming to let Ann regain her composure. (Of course we left that part in.) Talk about having too much fun on the job!

  The Darling Collection
Length: 70 minutes
Price: $24.99 USD



Category: TICKLING

Added: 04/05/08 05:59:40 AM

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Darling is the perfect tickle victim -- hot, really cute, incredibly ticklish and prone to making adorable goofy sputtering noises as she's driven towards hyperventilation by our sadistic predator Mistresses. So Tied N' Tickled has gathered all of Darling's clips, from an early one where Master Warlock tickles her with a feather toy attached to a battery powered drill ("Industrial Strength Tickling") to her marathon torment in a suspension sling ("No Mercy Ass Tickle Torture") for your viewing pleasure Over an hour of Darling footage -- try it on the big screen!

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