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BBW Pro Domme & Fetish Model. 

I do offer RT BDSM and Fetish Sessions

you can find most of the info on My website but some sections are under construction so just Msg Me if you have any questions


Follow Me on Twitter: @goddess_althea


About Me:

Gothic, highly educated, informed, awake, geek/gamer, inked/modified, BDSm Queen, sadistic and sarcastic 

I am Witch (High Priestess) and I practice sex magic and have many clairvoyant gifts 

I was a professional pirate on the Ren Faire circuit for many years when I lived in the states. And I was fucking good at it lol 

I swear Lot. I'm blunt and brazen. 

I love to fucking read. I will read anything and everything I can get my hands.. From cereal boxes the breakfast table to those stupid band adverts on the stall doors in club bathrooms. But I particularly love erotica, manga, horror, sci-fi , classics, fantasy, and even some parody. my all time favourite book is The Giver. But my favourite authors are Terry Pratchett, Cheistopher More, Anne Rice and Juliet Marillier. 


I am a pro cannabis. In every way. 


I'm a mix between Abby (NCIS), Penelope Garcia (Criminal Minds), Fat Amy (Pitch Perfect) and Sally (3rd Rock from the Sun). I've also been recently told that I'm like a fat female deadpool LOL (personality wise not looks ;) ) 


I'm Deaf (technically HoH but *I* identify as Deaf) I do sign , read lips and wear a hearing aide. But I didn't start losing my hearing until I was 7/8 so I'm often told that I "speak really well" and/or that I "don't sound deaf" 👿 Both of which are totally fucked up, ignorant and inappropriate. 


I am technically a feminist but lately I've been reluctant to use that term/label. I kind of feel there is no feminism. Only misogyny. So you either are a fucking human or you are a fucking sexist/misogynist. But I know I'm the minority in that mind set. 


I am an American Expat... 


I am a FEEDEE. I'm also a FOODIE. I have a foodie blog (http://www.facebook.com/MyFattieFoodBlog) 



I am "crunchy" - don't get me wrong, I am a fattie. I love My food and it loves Me. And I do have My processed junk food weakness. But I also really enjoy eating "healthier" (and in larger quantities ;) ) ... I adore local and organic foods. I prefer home made over store bought/processed etc Pizza? It's good! But make it homemade and even gourmet and I adore it! that kind of thing. 


I only shave My head..... I do offer clips and photos of my natural female body hair but if that isnt your cup of tea, please dont let it turn you off. I am very skilled at hiding it if it isnt your thing.

I'm a "natural blue" ;) 


I say "dude" a. Lot. Like a fuckload. But I am also very aware/respectful of how people identify and that some folks aren't comfy with that phrase. If I call you dude and it makes you cringe. Fucking tell me. 

If I mis gender you, fucking tell me. 


I am a pansexual, genderfluid female ....

I am currently pregnant (still in first trimester) 

If you are a fellow etsian or addicting to shopping feel free to check out my Mad Hatter etsy shop (https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/HatsOffToYouUKShop) - I handcraft top hats, fascinators, masks, and other accessories. ~  there are also listings there for my readings and stuff lol

I am on snapchat and KIK and that's where I post most of my baby bump updates, daily prego food diary, silly selfies and even sexy nudes. You can purchase my IDs : $50 will get you access to one or the other for a full year (this allows you to follow my pregnancy all the way through and then some of my PP/breastfeeding journey - which also causes me to EAT a ton! Lol) and $100 will get you access to both for the full year. 

BDSM Specialties:

~ Findom ~ Femdom ~ Anal Training ~ Sissification ~ ~ Mind Control ~ Pyrophelia/Fire Play ~ CBT ~ SPH ~ Sadism ~ Flogging/Whipping/Caning ~ PetPlay/Training  ~ Orgasm Control/Denial ~ Chastity/Key Holding ~

Other Fetishes:

~ Pregnancy* ~ Impregnation/Breeder ~ Natural Body Hair ~ BBW/FA ~ Feederism (I am a Feedee) ~ Foot Fetish ~ GoddessWorship ~ Pussy Worship ~ Sploshing/WAM ~ Make Up Fetish ~ Eyelash Fetish ~ Sock Fetish ~ Panty Fetish ~ Breast Worship ~ Mummy Roleplay ~ Ageplay ~ Smoking** ~

*I do hope to eventually also cater to lactation/breastfeeding/pumping fetishes but I did have a breast reduction a few years ago and it can cause BFing complications so I make no promises*

** Now that I am pregnant I do not smoke tobacco anymore so I will not be making new cigarette clips during my pregnancy or breastfeeding journey. But there are many still available from before I quit. and I do still smoke cannabis so I will still be offering those clips**

Hard Limits:

, vomit, , animals, receiving anal/anal play on myself, and anything involving nappies 


If you have any questions feel free to msg me


"A slave's duty in life is to serve, and obey his Mistress! A slave's duty is to go to work in honour of Her, to work hard at their job, and to contribute their hard earned dollars and pounds to Her, so that She can continue to live the high standard! He may then feel proud to see Her Goddess Temple furnished with splendour and opulence, Her Divine Body adorned with beautiful clothes and jewels, and fine foods and wine to touch Her sacred lips, all the while knowing that he helped acquire and provide these things for his Goddess.."

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Fat Worship Favourites
  • Fat Worship Favourites
  • Length: 25 minutes
  • Price: $25.99 USD
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Category:  BBW GODDESS

Added:  04/12/2016

Fat Worship Favourites

a compilation of some of My favourite Fat Worship Videos

My Favourite Sissy

Category:  SISSY SLUTS

Added:  04/12/2016

My Favourite Sissy

a compilation of My favourite videos involving My Sissy Slut.

Pyrophelia Play

Category:  PYRO

Added:  04/12/2016

Pyrophelia Play

a few of My Pyrophelia Videos all in one place!

Smoking Favourites

Category:  BBW SMOKING

Added:  04/12/2016

Smoking Favourites

A compilation of My favourite smoking videos

Footie Favourites!

Category:  FOOT FETISH

Added:  04/12/2016

Footie Favourites!

A compilation of My favourite footie videos, featuring The Gorgeous Feet of GoddessAlthea.

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