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The Empress Kabani Collection
  • The Empress Kabani Collection
  • Length: 60 minutes
  • Price: $25.99 USD
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Category:  TRAMPLING

Added:  10/02/2014

The Empress Kabani Collection


Empress Kabanis new seat (9 mins)

Its been a long time since Empress Kabani has made her slave submit to her but he does just that. This video contains a small facesitting clip of the Empress in action as well as some amazing snapshots, taken by me, on my recent visit to meet Empress Kabani.

Double SSBBW trouble trample (13 mins)

This SSBBW double trampling clips features the incomparable, Empress Kabani and Mistress Meltz as her trampling partner in this must see video. Mistress Meltz (weighin in at 350 lbs) and Empress Kabani(weighin in at 375 lbs) go hard on this slave. It's been several days and yet he comes back for more. The ladies give it to him over and over again. Both ladies stand on him solo, then together as well as doing buttdrops on his stomach and standing on his stomach. You can even see the cam hake as the ladies drop down on him and put their knees in his back. Empress Kabani does some throat standing in this video too. The ladies are so graceful, holding hands while they walk all across this slave. See this lovely tag team BBW powerhouse duo give this slave the trampling of his life! trampling, bbw domination, interracial domination, ssbbw, ebony, squashing,

Simply Bone Crushing (5 mins)

Mistress Meltz and Empress Kabani are two delightful super size bbws and they have a wonderful time putting a hurting on this white boy. They stand on him, kneel on him, drop down to their knees on him and he loves every minute of it

Walk a , ride a pony, break a slave (21 mins)

Empress Kabani and I have fun walkin her slave around like a on a leash. Then he got on his knees and carried us around like a horse but then things got hectic. We applied pressure by sittin on his , bouncin , jigglin and pushin. He was instructed to be a good strong pony and not break down to the floor under our weight. His hands turn purple. We laugh and taunt him until he completely breaks down. Then after he breaks down with me on his back things get even worse for him in this bbw interracial pony play video.

Silent facesitter (8 mins)

The lovely Mistress Meltz is facsesitting. No talk, just straight facesitting and making this slave kick and hold his breath

plus 30+ stills from this whole week of shooting. vids can be purchased individually (but costs $1 per minute or more) and downloaded At $30 thats more than half price for all of these vids!

Banana fun

Category:  FOOD

Added:  03/03/2012

Banana fun

Ive been known to have a fruity pussy. Well, thats because I like stickin stuff inside and makin a slut eat it out. In this video Im that I bring myself to orgasm with a nice sized banana and then I devour it right in your face!

Meltz and Lady Dee

Category:  GIRL-GIRL

Added:  03/03/2012

Meltz and Lady Dee

This is remastered release of two of my best girl on girl videos. The 1st part of this video is called Strawberries, Lady Dee and me. Lady Dee and I get all sweet and sticky with strawberry syrup and take turns licking it from each other. I enjoy every minute of Lady Dee's 56JJ in my mouth. She carresses my nipples with her warm tongue while we get sticky. Professor Henderson from the thickchickacademy makes an appearance to assist as we get into the shower. Professor Henderson could hardly contain hmself and wanted to suck on lady Dee's giant tits. We take a shower togther. The 2nd part of the video is some intnse girl on girl strap on fuckin. I spank Lady Dee and take her from behind while she screams with passion. I thrust my full hips into her and make her cum. This video is amazing!

My naughty smoking compilation
  • My naughty smoking compilation
  • Length: 23 minutes
  • Price: $20.99 USD
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Category:  SMOKING

Added:  04/06/2011

My naughty smoking compilation

My naughty smoking compiliation video consists of three of my nude smoking video. In the first part of the video i smoke a blunt in the nude and play with my tits while I chat with you. In the 2nd part I masturbate and play with my pretty pussy while I enjoy a cool smoke. I spread my lips while I blow clouds of smoke . last but not least an oral sex and smokin video combination. Three of my naughty nude smoking vids all in one!

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