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Shrunk from outer space.
  • Shrunk from outer space.
  • Length: 17 minutes
  • Price: $19.99 USD
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Added:  02/25/2011

Shrunk from outer space.

A Ship full of aliens peruse the galaxy on a joyride of destruction!! They have just left their home planet and are craving more damnation of other colonies throughout the universe!! Unexpectantly they arrive at Giantess Holly's Planet ( in other words her home on EARTH )!They think they shall take over and destroy her planet. However they "MISCALCULATE THE SIZE OF EARTHLINGS AND ARE IN FOR A BIG BIG SURPRISE"!! Miss Giantess Holly unaware at first but soon does notice some of them!!!The little aliens ,men or whatever they are have no idea that they would be sooo small, tiny , micro little men or pests !Compared to Miss Giantess Holly the feelings they are feeling are that of utter damnation ..Paybacks a bitch isn't it? Karma is gunning for you I suppose after all those others that you have destroyed and caused pain to...LMAO....HEEHEEHEE!!! She is sweet as pie ,devilishly sexy and curious about these uninvited invaders! At first they go unnoticed, Adorable Miss Holly is unaware of their presence going about her own business ; but not for long!!!!! Watch as Miss Giantess Holly's Long Blonde Hair and Big Bright Blue Eyes take you away and bring you along on the journey with these nasty little space invader pests as you all meet your DOOM!!!! UNDER HER FOOT, ASS, HAND, VORE , OR GET EATEN,AND FINALLY END UP IN HER TOILET THE NEXT DAY!!!!

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