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Masopls & Nica 17


Added:  11/30/2004

Masopls & Nica 17

Nica has two whips at her disposal - the first about 0,5 metre long and the second 2 metres long. In the beginning of the movie you can see slight whipping, then strokes are more and more strong and finally she uses all her strength... After that you can see a very shocking scene of piercing nipples by very sharp clasps. Nica whips Masopls pulling chain with clasps at the same time - it gives Masopls enormous pain... And for this "pleasure" he has to worship her shoes. Then Masopls very carefully licks Nica's dirty soles. After that he takes her shoes off. Nica makes him to take her shoes off and kiss her legs in stockings. And at the same time she pulls the chain with clasps - it's very painfull for Masopls. He takes Nica's stockings off and licks her barefoot. Nica stands on very dirty cardboard - after that Masopls must lick her bare foot very carefully until she is satisfied. Next there are some barefeet trampling scenes. Nica tramples on Masopls' body with bare foot pulling the chain with clasps and standing on the clasps - Masopls is in amazing pain!Nica puts on and laces her sexy shoes. Masopls on his knees licks her shoes and at the same time Nica whips him very hard. Next she tells him to lie down on the floor. Using her stilettos she starts trampling his body without any mercy - concentrating on the painful chest and his cock... Standing on his body she takes her shoes off and begins to trample barefoot. All time she inflicts pain on his chest. It turnes out that these are good ways for him to finish off... MORE PHOTOS - http://www.trample.pl/store/1/1.htm The movie is recorded on DVD-R disk in PAL system. It is sent in "CD" box and disk has no marks. VHS cassette has no marks and it is in original box.

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