Victoria Burp Goddess

Hello I'm Victoria the belching and burping beauty that doesn't care where she is, if I have to burp I let it roar like a trucker. Hey guys do it why shouldn't I? I am a business professional by day so I have to keep it under wraps while I am at work but watch out anywhere else I roam... Loud, soft from the gut I let it all out for you to hear...So grab a beer and join me in a few gut busters!!

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Soda Burping

Category:  BURPING

Added:  09/02/2007

Soda Burping

Victoria's home alone and surfing the web. She's chugging down a 2 litre of soda and burping it out for you to enjoy. She rather gassy any way and now she's managed to finished off a 2 litre in less than 30 minutes!!! Come watch and listen to her bust out the wet, the loud and all the absolutely gross sounding burps that a 2 litre can produce...with more to come!!

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